bachelor of science in fashion design (

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Eligibility: 12th pass

Duration: 3 Years

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course outline

Code Subject Title
BSFD 101 Introuction to Fashion Studies (Theory)
BSFD 102 Textile for Apparel (Theory)
BSFD 103 Presentation Skills- 1 (Theory)
BSFD 104 Garment Construction Techniques (Theory)
BSFD 105 Elements & Principles of Design (Theory)
BSFD 104 Garment Construction Techniques (Practical)
BSFD 105 Elements & Principles of Design (Practical)
BSFD 106 Surface Ormamentation Needlecraft (Practical)
Code Subject Title
BSFD 107 History Of Fashion (Theory)
BSFD 108 Traditional Textiles & Embroideries Of India (Theory)
BSFD 108 Traditional Textiles & Embroideries Of India (Practical)
BSFD 109 Fashion Illustration (Practical)
BSFD 110 Pattern Making & Garment Construction (Practical)
BSFD 111 Computer Application In Fashion (Practical)
Code Subject Title
BSFD 201 Design Process (Theory)
BSFD 202 Fashion Marketing & Merchandising (Theory)
BSFD 203 Surface Embilleshment (Theory)
BSFD 201 Design Process – II (Practical)
BSFD 202 Fashion Marketing & Merchandising (Practical)
BSFD 203 Surface Embilleshment – II (Practical)
BSFD 204 Advance Illustration (Practical)
BSFD 205 Pattern Making & Garment Construction - I (Practical)
BSFD 206 Design Project (Practical)
Code Subject Title
BSFD 207 Visual & Merchandising (Theory)
BSFD 208 Range Development- Women's (Practical)
BSFD 209 Pattern Making & Garment Construction - II (Practical)
BSFD 210 Advance Computer Application (Practical)
Code Subject Title
BSFD 301 FashionForecasting (Theory)
BSFD 302 Design Project – II (Practical)
BSFD 303 Creative Pattern Making (Practical)
BSFD 304 Internship
Code Subject Title
BSFD 305 Sustainable Fashion Practical (Theory)
BSFD 306 Styling & Photography (Theory)
BSFD 307 Campus To Corporate (Theory)
BSFD 308 Portfolio Development (Theory)
BSFD 309 Final Collection (Theory)


Kimaya Joshi


Mr. Akshit Kushal


Prof. Snehal Navalakha


Dr. Pratiksha Wable


Mrs. Renuka Ghospurkar


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