A state-of-the-art system using the latest engineering practices, and designed to generate fuel savings year after year. High pressure condensate is almost at the same pressure as steam and contains around 25 to 30% heat of the steam. If this heat is recovered and reused, it will reduce the fuel consumption to the same extent. In addition to fuel saving, the boiler's quality water is also recovered and reused which reduces water consumption and the cost of water treatment chemicals.

“The condensate recovery system supplied by Thermax  is working satisfactorily. We are achieving the feedwater temperature to the boiler at 750 C after installing this product.” -  Happy customer from Himachal Pradesh, India
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Atmospheric De-Aerator with Immersion Tube

Designed to remove dissolved gases and oxygen from feedwater by proper mixing of condensate, flash steam and cold makeup.

Product Features:
  • SS de-aerator head with SS immersion tube prevents corrosion
  • Efficient removal of dissolved oxygen and other gases from boiler feedwater by thermal de-aeration
  • Suitable for thermal de-aeration of boiler feedwater
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