Thermax offers speciality products which give more benefits to the customer like increase in boiler efficiency, reduction in fuel consumption, monetary savings, etc.

Our product 'High Pressure Condensate Recovery System (HPCRS)' received the CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in 2018.

“Hot Water Generation System designed for a flow rate of 125 m3/hr of hot water has been installed 7 years ago and is still working satisfactorily at our plant.” –  Happy customer from Gurgaon (Haryana) India
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Instantaneous Hot Water Generator (InstaHeat)

InstaHeat is a packaged, instantaneous hot water generator that uses steam as an indirect heating medium in a compactly designed plate heat exchanger, with precise temperature control of process side hot water, irrespective of variable load condition. This also enhances system efficiency through efficient condensate removal.

It is ideally suited for pharmaceuticals, breweries, textiles, hospitals and hospitality industries.

Product Features
  • Instantaneous generation of hot water leading to less warm up time
  • Skid mounted assembly results in compact design, minimum floor space requirement, simpler plant structure and easy installation at sight
  • Pump and trap combination yields no stall conditions
  • Fully automatic operation eliminates manual intervention
  • Efficient and complete condensate recovery ensures minimum heat loss
  • PID controlled pneumatically operated control valves are ideal for fluctuating load conditions
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