Thermax offers speciality products which give more benefits to the customer like increase in boiler efficiency, reduction in fuel consumption, monetary savings, etc. Our product 'High Pressure Condensate Recovery System (HPCRS)' received the CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in 2018.

“Hot Water Generation System designed for a flow rate of 125 m3/hr of hot water has been installed 7 years ago and is still working satisfactorily at our plant.” -  Happy customer from Gurgaon (Haryana) India
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Autoclave Automation

Thermax offers process automation for the Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) industry. These industries require a large amount of steam at comparatively high pressure. Major steam usage is for heating and curing of green cake of concrete block inside the Autoclave.

The complete process involves vacuuming, heating, curing (holding), transfer and venting cycles. It requires precise control of vacuum time, heating temperature gradient, curing cycle time, steam transfer and venting process. Condensate removal from autoclave is very important as it is contaminated with cement particles and may lead to choking of the condensate removal system.

The Thermax system consists of control valves, bellow seal isolation valves, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and condensate removal system which operate on PLC control. With the PLC system, the customer can monitor and maintain required process parameters. The system also provides output in the form of graphs and charts for various critical parameters to control the system effectively.

Since the condensate is contaminated with cement particles, condensate recovery back to boiler feed water tank is not recommended. Instead, the condensate heat for heating fresh makeup water should be recovered in a heat exchanger.

System Benefits
  • User friendly system with ease of operation
  • Precise control of critical pressure and temperature parameters
  • Proper utilisation of vent steam in another autoclave during the transfer cycles
  • Level based condensate removal system to avoid choking of condensate lines
  • Condensate and flash steam heat recovery for fresh makeup water heating
  • Recovery of both contaminated condensate and flash steam water for slurry preparation
  • Aerated Autoclaved Concrete
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