Pipelines are used for transporting fluids from one point to another. The fluid may be in a liquid or gaseous state. Steam accessories of the pipeline are generally required for smooth and trouble free operation of transferring fluids.

“We are extremely happy with the performance of the Thermax steam accessories and we appreciate the product.” -  Happy customer of textile industry from Tirupur (Tamil Nadu), India.
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Air & Gas Eliminator

An air eliminator is a float controlled trap which discharges air and non condensable gases from liquid storage and transportation systems. It is independent of fluid pressure and temperature variations.

Product Features
  • Efficient air removal improves the performance of liquid pumping systems by prevention of cavitation
  • Removal of air and non condensable gases from the system avoid corrosion, noise and ensures proper priming of pumps
  • Better resistance to water hammer
  • Useful in water/steam condensate lines
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