Thermax offers a comprehensive range of steam engineering solutions to its customers round the world. The company is technology leader in 'Rotary Slide Valve' mechanism for draining condensate from steam and compressed gas system as well as removal of cold gases from pressurised liquid systems.

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Thermostatic Steam Trap

Thermostatic steam trap is a compact steam trap having forged carbon steel / stainless steel body with a built-in strainer. It is recommended for steam heating applications where sensible heat of steam condensate is to be used. Steam tracing lines, storage tank heating coils in Food, Chemicals and Laundry equipment are some of the applications. Steam Condensate is removed at temperature below the saturated temperature.

  • Thermostatic membrane capsule regulator resists corrosion and water hammer
  • Designed for varying loads with continuous discharge
  • Corrosion resistance internals
  • Discharges condensate below saturation temperature
  • Suitable for draining sub-cooled condensate from saturated steam application
  • Suitable for air venting application from saturated steam system
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